Ho Ho Ho - The Office Christmas Party

Its that time of year again, when summer is ending and its time to think about the perfect Christmas venue for your office party or social event. The search is having to start earlier and earlier as Christmas venues are getting more and more difficult to find as they are booked out months, even years in advance.

There are two important issues to consider when looking for the perfect Christmas venue - location and atmosphere. Although you need to ensure that the location of your Christmas venue is as central as possible for all invitees, you also need to ensure that the Christmas venue you choose is right for your event. Almost any venue can claim to host the perfect Christmas party, but you have to find the one that is right for you.

Taking the location first, your Christmas venue has to be accessible. When you are booking the event in July or August its it easy to forget that by the time you have your event the weather could be playing havoc with transport links to and from the chosen Christmas venue. You need to be able to give people a range of options. So a country house in the middle of nowhere may seem a great secluded solution, but does it work when the roads are icy and the rail network has ground to a halt?

Look for a Christmas Venue that is geographically central to a majority of invitees, but also that has a range of options for those who wish to stay the night. There is little point booking a Christmas venue that holds 1000 people for the main event, yet only has 100 rooms in close proximity for guests to stay the night if required. You also need to think about cost. Christmas is an expensive time of year for everyone, so unless you are paying for accommodation as well as the event, ensure that there are arrange of different priced accommodation options either at the Christmas venue, or nearby.

Once the issue of location and accessibility has been solved, the issue of atmosphere has to be addressed. There are a multitude of places that flag themselves as Christmas venues, but you need to decide what ambience you want to create. Do you want a 5-star black tie Christmas event, in which case there are a range of exceptional hotels that cater specifically for this market, or do you want a more intimate, refined setting such as a restaurant for a traditional Christmas meal?

Getting these two key issues sorted need not be a hassle. There are many Christmas venue specialists who will act as a broker between you and the venue. They will source options based on all of your requirements to ensure you find the perfect Christmas venue. They also have the advantage of knowing the availability of a wide variety of venues and often have the ability to get you the venue you want even if they are already fully booked.

These agencies deal with a wide range of clients and Christmas venues so they can often suggest suitable venues based on the requirements of location and atmosphere. This is probably the most crucial social event of a workplaces' year, so its worth using an agency that can give a range of options and advice. Christmas venue specialists are usually very clear and exact on what service they give, so its worth talking to a few to find out if they are right for your business or event.

So start looking as early as possible, use a recognised specialist Christmas venue finding agency and make sure that you get the perfect Christmas venue to make your party go with a bang. Leaving you to relax and enjoy the event itself with a glass of mulled wine and nice warm mince pie.

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