Why and How to Create an Information Product

Have you put off, or given up entirely, the idea of writing that book, or creating a CD or DVD, for your business?

Maybe you've let that idea slip away because you thought your business wasn't suited to it. I mean, what you do is so individual and personal, or too complicated to explain, or so intuitive in nature, that it can't be captured in a product.

Or maybe you already sell a product, and you can't imagine what a book or CD would possibly do for your business.

These kinds of products- books, CDs, DVDs and their digital downloadable equivalents: pdfs, mp3s, mpegs - are called information products, 'info products' for short.

And, if you are putting off creating one, you are doing a disservice to all the people who are waiting for you.

What's the purpose of having an info product?

Some people will tell you the purpose is to have 'multiple streams of income' or to 'fill your business to overflowing.' It's true, a good info product can create these kinds of results.

But that's not why you create one. If you create it for that reason, you are chasing the money, and you'll end up chasing away your customers.

The purpose of an info product is to help the wallflowers.

A wallflower is that term used at dances and other social events where someone who is feeling a little shy or awkward will take a seat next to a wall, and plant themselves there, and never get out on the dance floor.

In junior high I was painfully shy, and lived as a wallflower. High school wasn't much better, but I was able to retreat into punk rock and avoid the 'popular' high school scene.

Even today, as my 20th high school reunion approaches, I can find myself in wallflower situations. I have better coping mechanisms, but it's still painful.

How many wallflowers are in your business' dance hall?

People who are struggling with something are unsure of themselves. They are upset, insecure, hesitant. They want to dance the tango, but they don't want to look foolish and be rejected.

Do you think it might be easier for those wallflowers if you met them at their seat with a glass of punch, and talked with them awhile, before you even asked them to dance?

A good information product doesn't recreate your business to give the full dance-hall experience. It doesn't deliver the same intimacy, or the same instruction, or the same in-depth support, or the same results that your main products or services do. That's not its job.

The job of a good information product is to help people dance along off to the side, out of the spotlight. This will not only help them get some of the results they need, but it will also get them ready to get out on your dance floor and engage more deeply with what will really help them: your main products and services.

And, it's not a bad thing that info products can create a nice flow of income for you as well.

Ready to deliver that glass of punch and create an info product?

Keys to Creating an Info Product

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