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Have you ever wanted to have a part time job? In case you do; then I suggest you read this article. It is possible that you will find the part time job that you are looking for. Now I will tell you some thing about myself. I am a professional Doctor and I work in a Private hospital (a big one). My salary is about $4000 a month but I wanted to earn more. So how can I do a part time job when I have to spend almost 10 hours in the hospital? Well this is a good question. There is no way that I can do another job. So is there any solution? Yes, there is. Few years back a friend of mine told me about Online freelancing Jobs. I just hated to hear such thing because it sounded so cheap. My friend suggested me to try it but I never did.

A year ago, I needed some money to buy a new car but I was unable to do so. At that time, I just thought for a second about that freelancing work. I wondered if I can really make some money at freelancing sites. So I decided to give it a try. I already had a personal Laptop all the time in the hospital and there was high speed internet available all the time at the hospital. At my first day, I joined one freelancing site and tried to get work, but no luck. Then a week passed and still no luck at all. Then I decided to do some research about how to get work and I also decided to plan for the freelancing work future.

First of all, I was not doing few very basic things which were very important to be done. Secondly, I was offering to do work for very high rates. So for the first problem, I found an Online Jobs guide which helped me understand what I had to do at the freelancing site. The guide explained everything about how to get work at these sites. I solved the second problem by just lowering the rates that I was offering, actually I lowered the rates a little too much and that is why I started to get work.

The basic concept of freelancing sites is that a buyer (who wants some work to be done) open up a Project offering a job to any freelancer who is interested. All these projects appear on the site. Now freelancers who can do this project read it and then place a bid on the project if they are interested in doing it. So there are many freelancers bidding on the same project. There are few factors that play an important role for the buyer or the creator of the project to choose the winning bidder. Here are few of them:

1. Buyers communicate with all or maybe few of the bidders via communication system in the site. By such communication, buyers try to judge the abilities of the freelancer and they try to figure out whether or not, the particular freelancer is suitable for the Job. A high percentage of buyers choose a freelancer based on the communication results, so this factor is very important one.

2. All freelancers have a Rating or feedback. This is the Rank given by the buyers on the site to the freelancers who had worked for them. This means, when ever a buyer chooses a freelancer and the freelancer completes the work for which the buyer hired him; after the completion the buyer pays the freelancer and then give a feedback to the freelancer. For example, if the buyer is very happy with the work that the freelancer did, then it is possible that the buyer will give 10 out of 10. Or in opposite case a 1 out of 10. When freelancers place a bid on a project, the buyer, and every one else too, can see the ratings of all the freelancers who placed the bid. So the buyer can make a decision on the fact that which freelancer has the best ratings.

3. The third but the most important factor of all is the amount of money that you are placing in your bid for a particular project. For example, suppose there is a project with a budget range of $100-$300, and there are 10 freelancers that have placed bids on this project. A freelancer with 50 ratings, and all ratings are 10 out of 10, has placed a maximum bid of $300 and all others have placed some amount above $100. All other freelancers placed a bid above $100. You are new at this site and you have no ratings, what will you do? How much amount you will put in your bid? $300 or $100? Of course $100, which is the minimum. This is the only way to get this project. You can’t get it if you place a bid of $300, No way, its impossible.

So when I started the work I was not doing anything mentioned above and that is the reason why I never got any project until I realized that some thing is wrong. So, the factor 1 and 3 are important for all the new bees. For the factor 2, the new bees can’t do any thing as you will only get ratings when you will complete any project.

In few days, I got my first project. Actually it was only a 40 dollars project, but you can’t believe how happy I was when I got it. I completed it in a day during the free time I got at the hospital. I received my first payment and most importantly I got my first rating which was 10 out of 10.

After that, things went on nice for few days, by the time when I got my 10th rating; I was making $500 in a month which is not very bad. But I had a feeling that some thing is missing or something that can make things easier for me. Actually, for the $500 that I was making in a month, I was working too hard and doing 2 jobs at the same time, it’s a bit difficult. So I started to think of any solution that can make things easier. Then one day, I read an Online Jobs guide that made things much easier for me. And now I am making $1000 a month and I don’t have to do the hard work, I just do work for no more than an hour and I get my $1000 each month. All you need if a little experience and when you get it, everything goes easier for you.

There are many jobs that person can do. There are software testing jobs, programming jobs, making websites, promoting websites and much more but the two jobs that every body can do are Copywriting and Data entry (Data entry; Do it only to get some ratings). Copywriting is the online job that can produce 1000 dollars in a month. You can work at home or do it in free time you have during your full time job, or do it as a part time job. Freelancing jobs are getting popular these days. Many people are even doing it as a full time job. Its popularity secret is that you are your own boss and that you can do it when ever you want to and you can do it while sitting in front of your PC at your own home.

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